Off to Boston, and #SSAC16

From Dublin to Boston for the 2016 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. There will be nerding.

RWC 2015 Kicking Data. And how I’m hopelessly biased.

Also some breakdown data from Ireland vs France. Paul O'Connell did not go quietly into the night...

GAA stats – time for a centralised approach?

The GAA might be an amateur sport in terms of pay for play, but the expectations around what stats should be kept and performance data analysed are rising. Many aspects of the role of a video analyst or a performance analyst are transferable. The sport might be different, the ball a different sizeĀ and played by a different number of players.… Read more...

Sloan 2015 – the stupidly long roundup – Part 1

As promised. And it is indeed stupidly long. This is just part one. Grab a cuppa, settle in. It's time to Sloan.

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference shows influence of statistics on US sport

There was a decent Irish turnout at Sloan 2015 but a serious lack of European soccer presence. A report for the Irish Times.

Leinster vs Munster

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The two Irish provinces have had some eerily similar playing stats so far this Pro 12 season, but with a couple of key differences.

Podcast: A visit to the Second Captains

A chat with the Second Captains about stats in sport

Ireland’s ball retention too much for Italian tacklers

Ireland had a staggering amount of possession against Italy, and in the right areas of the pitch (Irish Examiner)

Ireland vs Wales: Kicking Kings

A look at the numbers from Ireland vs Wales, and ahead to Twickenham, for the Irish Examiner

Perspective and Patience

Were Southern Hemisphere props punished last season as often as their Northern Hemisphere brethern?