Data, football clubs & the amateur enthusiast

A visit to the third Optapro Analytics Forum in London

Off to Boston, and #SSAC16

From Dublin to Boston for the 2016 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference. There will be nerding.

Leicester City, a once in a generation spark

Small fry in the Premier League but they're becoming bigger in the overall footballing pie

Sports awards and the Ballon d’Or

And the importance of an open ballot, something FIFA actually gets right.

The 2014 Sports Analytics Innovation Summit: London

A review of a day talking to interesting people about interesting things.

I Am The Secret Footballer: 42 years too late?

The Secret Footballer has been writing in The Guardian for the past 18 months. Now he has released a book, but in the year 2012 does it really stack up as a tell-all sports book?

The Fourteen Minutes

Also published at

As Tuesday’s crowd left the Aviva stadium and went on into the night, the atmosphere was that of having seen a job well done. Ireland 2, Armenia 1. The result was the important thing and Ireland had sealed their place in the Euro 2012 playoffs.… Read more...

The Baseball Hall of Fame

One of the interesting whimsies of stateside sports is their love of Halls of Fame (yes, with capital letters).  There is a Hall of Fame for the NFL (Canton, Ohio), the NBA (Springfield, Mass.), the NHL (Toronto, Canada) and almost every other sport you could think of, whether at professional, college or amateur level.… Read more...

Paris, Henry and a Nation Dumped on its Arse

We recently had the anniversary of “Henry Day”.  It passed me by a little, I’ll admit, because there’s plenty of stuff to be worrying about which is probably more important than a silly football match, let alone the anniversary of one. 

But then that thought itself reminded me of something I wrote last year after I arrived home from Paris. … Read more...