Leo Cullen and young coaches

Would a player-manager work in today's game?

When fans attack

Fans attacking players is one thing, but when the tables are turned a player can put their career on the line.

GAA stats – time for a centralised approach?

The GAA might be an amateur sport in terms of pay for play, but the expectations around what stats should be kept and performance data analysed are rising. Many aspects of the role of a video analyst or a performance analyst are transferable. The sport might be different, the ball a different sizeĀ and played by a different number of players.… Read more...

The Importance of Space

The beauty and value of silence and space. With Dennis Bergkamp, violinist Isaac Stern and the Japanese concept of "ma".

Sporting Spies

A column about sporting spying, theft and subterfuge. Featuring Munster, footballs in clothes dryers, and Moe Berg.
Mouse Weightlifter (Credit: tt.mop.com)

The Late Career Peak of Justin Gatlin, who is not a mouse.

Justin Gatlin is setting world-leading PBs in sprint events at age 33. This is... unusual.

The Media’s Delicate Balance in Covering Concussion

Including some data on sports concussion references in Irish media from Olytico