No more silly semi-final draw for the Champions Cup

There's a new system in place for this season. So I wrote about that, and how we might all learn a little something from the French.

Here’s to Grantland. May you rest in peace

A love letter to something that, for a certain type of sports follower, had been a thing of sportswriting beauty.

Craig Joubert’s real mistake, and the tale of Jim Joyce and Armando Galarraga

Many times it's not about the mistake, it's how you deal with it.

RWC 2015 Kicking Data. And how I’m hopelessly biased.

Also some breakdown data from Ireland vs France. Paul O'Connell did not go quietly into the night...

The IRFU, Paddy Power and a whole lot of cash

How the IRFU use a bookmaker to mitigate the financial risk of winning the Rugby World Cup. For the Irish Times.

Rugby (in)justice

Are high profile teams being given an easy ride? And a few words on the TMO.