Rucks and ruck data, rugby’s world of the unseen

Data on this is hard to get. More, please.

Committed to the Tackle? You mean he was committed to the *hit*

Is it right that the benefit of the doubt goes to the tackler and not the tackled?

Leicester City, a once in a generation spark

Small fry in the Premier League but they're becoming bigger in the overall footballing pie

Concussion: should we rehab rather than rest?

The emphasis on Rest is good, but are we doing the Recovery piece right?

Lineouts and lineout maths

A feature for the Irish Times Six Nations 2016 preview magazine

Oh Clermont, what have you done?

There is rarely one moment that decides a game, much less a season. But they all add up.

Viktor Kolelishvili and shoving a referee

Sport needs to protect the referee. Let him or her do their job in peace.