Salary Cap allegations have potential to damage credibility of the English game

A few words about the importance of sticking to the rules, and being seen to.

Daily Fantasy Sports – It’s Big Business

With daily payouts DFS is a huge growth area in the US but can it be expected to take hold of Europe in the same way considering we have quick, easy access to online sports betting?

Leinster need points? Yes, but not in the way you think.

The Pro12 tiebreaker rules mean that points difference means nothing to Leinster now. It's time for try-fests.

Matt O’Connor, Leinster’s Big Seeding Problem and the Indie Rugby Writers

Ahead of Leinster's Champions Cup semi final meeting with Toulon, some Leinster writing.

Choking, And How The Long Game Is Golf’s Kingmaker

This year's CDW ShotLink Intelligence Prize winner examined choking in golf, and trying to measure that. As it was Masters week I wrote about that. And other golfing stats stuff.

Cohesion – Irish Rugby’s Secret Weapon?

I talked to former Wallaby prop Ben Darwin, founder of analytics firm Gain Line, about what he calls "Cohesion".