Podcast: Tadhg Beirne on signing for Munster, and how he ended up in Wales

And we also have ROG and Kev McLaughlin discussing the Leinster Munster rivalry.

Collisions, injuries and the changing nature of rugby: 2013/14 to early 2017/18

I look into a supposed spike in collisions in rugby, supposedly caused by law changes made before the 2017/18 season. Supposedly.

Player welfare as weapon and the amazing world of Japanese toilet tech

ROG and the now-married Stephen Ferris talk player welfare in modern rugby, and I talk to Rob Penney about life in Japan and how he looks back on his time with Munster.

Retirement: planned, unplanned, and what comes next

The life of a professional sportsperson can come to a halt in various different ways. Only the very few have the luxury of a pre-announced retirement along with celebratory last season.

Some can own their decision to retire, both circumstance and timing, even if they weren’t 100% conscious at the time that their last game would be their last game.… Read more...

The 2017/18 Podcast Season

We're rolling nicely over at The Hard Yards. Here's what I've been up to on the pod so far this season.

Podcast: It’s the #ROGpod

Ronan O'Gara makes his debut on the pod: "Sharing" his washbag with Donncha O'Callaghan for a decade, a look ahead to Ireland vs England, and how the Stade/Racing merger announcement impacted the market for rugby players in Europe.

Podcast: Swimming with Sharks

And petting puppies. And Lions. And Horses. This is the list of things that Kevin McLaughlin, Donncha O'Callaghan and I talk about in order to get away from Ireland's defeat in Wales.