Real-Life Fantasy Sports

An IPL Draft took place this week. A look at player movement through the years, and how Daily Fantasy is running into trouble in New York.
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How Euro 2016 unfairly favours France

UEFA has dropped the ball, even before a single team is drawn in Saturday's Euro2016 draw

Jamie Vardy and the purging of football history

While comparing performances in a changing game is not easy, that doesn't mean the past should be ignored.

Numbers in the football boardroom

On the rise of analytical thinking away from the pitch, for the Irish Times.

Pat Lam and rugby stats

And a chat with some Irish rugby performance analysts

No more silly semi-final draw for the Champions Cup

There's a new system in place for this season. So I wrote about that, and how we might all learn a little something from the French.

Here’s to Grantland. May you rest in peace

A love letter to something that, for a certain type of sports follower, had been a thing of sportswriting beauty.