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Sloan 2015 – the stupidly long roundup – Part 1

As promised. And it is indeed stupidly long. This is just part one. Grab a cuppa, settle in. It's time to Sloan.

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference shows influence of statistics on US sport

There was a decent Irish turnout at Sloan 2015 but a serious lack of European soccer presence. A report for the Irish Times.

The no-arms clearout needs to be shown the door

The human missile... the shoulder torpedo... I talked to former and current referees, players and medical staff about the dangerous practice of players clearing out without using their arms.

Ireland’s Winning Streak – enjoy it while it lasts

With nine consecutive wins under the belt Ireland are in a good place. I wrote about winning streaks for the Irish Times.
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The ROG And Hooky Show – “for us that play the game nowadays”

Ronan O'Gara explains how rugby works "nowadays"

Podcast Ep4: Rucking, Concussions, 6N TV, Music & Beer

A new podcast episode - I talk about ruck data in rugby, the George North concussion incident and Six Nations TV. With music from Otherkin.
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Six Nations TV Broadcasts – Is a Move to Satellite Far Off?

I sat down with John Feehan, RBS Six Nations CEO, to have a chat about Six Nations broadcasting and why he views it as vital that Six Nations games are not designated as "Live" listed events.