BBQ, melted cheese and the tight head squeeze.

It's episode three of The Hard Yards, featuring Mike Ross, Chris Farrell and Donncha O'Callaghan

The Mullet Stud. It’s New, It’s Edgy, And it’s Legal?

A new design of stud has been deemed legal in rugby union. It's the Smart Power Profiler, and it's a strange one.

The Hard Yards: special Valentine’s Day edition

I didn't know this was going to be a love-fest. But then the lads started talking about Jamie Heaslip. Things got weird.

Welcome to the Hard Yards

Somebody gave me the keys to a podcast. Here's episode 1.

High tackle laws – high impact on the Six Nations?

A little something for the Irish Times looking at the stats from the first three weeks of games since the new high tackle guidelines came in...

Hello. It’s been a while. See you soon.

Things have taken the place of my writing time. So I thought I should write about them.

Sloan 2016: a Moneyball Reunion

Does the biggest analytics-fest of them all need to sharpen its claws?