The RWC2015 Statistics Report

56% of tries came from lineout possession, and the sin bin misconception.

The Transformational David Pocock, and All Black drop goals

For the Irish Times

RWC 2015 Kicking Data. And how I’m hopelessly biased.

Also some breakdown data from Ireland vs France. Paul O'Connell did not go quietly into the night...

No rest for weary Tier Two nations

Rugby World Cup scheduling, and the Irishman who's the Wallaby rugby analyst

The RWC Match Ball – A Short History

Some words on balls.

What do World Rankings really mean?

Golf, rugby, tennis, soccer and a bit of chess.

Hawkeye at the Rugby World Cup – a boon for medics & TMOs?

And the case of Kane Thompson, the man it took seven minutes to send off.