Podcast: Rugby Culture with Ross O’Carroll Kelly

A visit to the Off Topic podcast at the Irish Times

GAA stats – time for a centralised approach?

The GAA might be an amateur sport in terms of pay for play, but the expectations around what stats should be kept and performance data analysed are rising. Many aspects of the role of a video analyst or a performance analyst are transferable. The sport might be different, the ball a different size and played by a different number of players.… Read more...

Kicking Percentage Lies

I wrote about the flaws in Kicking Percentage for the Irish Times, and how some people are doing a better job at rating place kickers.

Paul O’Connell – By Any Measure, One Of The Great Locks

An Irish Times column about Paul O'Connell's test debut in 2002 and his long test career to follow. Also reference to some other Irish sporting centurions.

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference shows influence of statistics on US sport

There was a decent Irish turnout at Sloan 2015 but a serious lack of European soccer presence. A report for the Irish Times.

How Big Has Become Beautiful in Irish Rugby

The changing size of Irish rugby teams since 1980. For the Irish Times.

Declining kickable points to save time a worthwhile strategy

The number of tries scored will probably decide qualification for two teams in this weekend’s final Heineken Cup round – so why are teams persisting with wasting time by taking conversions? My piece for the Irish Times...