Why Alex Cuthbert’s Hip Saved Liam Williams From Getting A Red Card

Liam Williams gets yellow where Jared Payne had received red - why referee Ian Davies made the decision.

Yes Nine is no more

A look at what the new "non-verbal" signal will mean for rugby...

21 matches. 328 scrums. No crooked feeds? It’s the scrum trial in France.

For the third week in a row no Top 14 referee has awarded a free kick for a crooked feed. How are the Premiership and Pro 12 doing?

The Crooked Feed in France – Redux

After zero crooked feeds were called in Week 6 of the Top 14, were there any scrum halves penalised for a crooked feed in Week 7?

“Yes Nine!”

The new "Yes Nine!" call has caused some confusion among fans, commentators and even coaches and players. What are the implications for the game, and how can some teams take advantage?

The Crooked Feed in France

A look at how the new scrum law is faring through the first six weeks of the French Top 14, and the transitory qualities of the crooked feed.

The Single Front Stud Is Back

The single front stud was banned from rugby for over 30 years. Not any more. And both Sean O'Brien and Peter O'Mahony will be wearing the new boot in Ireland's Six Nations game against Wales.

2013 Six Nations Match Officials announced

Munster fans - What's worse than having either Roman Poite or Pascal Gauzere officiate a game? Yep... you guessed it...