Data, football clubs & the amateur enthusiast

A visit to the third Optapro Analytics Forum in London

Warning – Contains Data. Use Carefully.

In the wrong hands sports stats can be dangerous. This week's column for the Irish Times.

Video: Sports Summit Panel

Andy McGeady, Tony Strudwick (Man Utd), Bill James (Boston Red Sox), Sean O'Connor (StatSports). Picture credit: Ray McManus / SPORTSFILE / Web Summit
The Value of Statistics in Sport: the full video of my chat with Bill James, Tony Strudwick and Sean O'Connor at the 2014 Sports Summit

The Sport Summit – Moneyball comes to Dublin

Among the 20,000 Web Summit attendees there will be people interested in... sports?

How good was that kick, really? Two men decided to find out.

The first of a series of pieces on goalkicking in rugby

Strokes Gained: how analytics is changing how golf is understood

I caught up with Mark Broadie, creator of the Strokes Gained Putting statistic in use on the PGA Tour, in a feature for the Irish Examiner.

Podcast: A visit to the Second Captains

A chat with the Second Captains about stats in sport

Mark Cuban, Big Data and Rugby. Intriguing.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban will be one of the judges for the AIG Rugby Innovation Challenge which sees app developers get access to Opta's detailed match data. Interesting stuff.

Revenge of the Nerds

A feature on the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference for the Irish Examiner.

(Newstalk) Dorkapalooza: a report from the smarter side of sport

I was on Newstalk's Off The Ball with Ger Gilroy talking about the Sloan Sports Analytics Conference.