Kicking Percentage Lies

I wrote about the flaws in Kicking Percentage for the Irish Times, and how some people are doing a better job at rating place kickers.

Paul O’Connell – By Any Measure, One Of The Great Locks

An Irish Times column about Paul O'Connell's test debut in 2002 and his long test career to follow. Also reference to some other Irish sporting centurions.

Sloan 2015 – the stupidly long roundup – Part 2

The second part. Kirk Goldsberry on breaking the game he loves and the NHL's Brian Burke on, well, everything. And some final thoughts on how Sloan is changing.

Sloan 2015 – the stupidly long roundup – Part 1

As promised. And it is indeed stupidly long. This is just part one. Grab a cuppa, settle in. It's time to Sloan.

Sloan Sports Analytics Conference shows influence of statistics on US sport

There was a decent Irish turnout at Sloan 2015 but a serious lack of European soccer presence. A report for the Irish Times.

The no-arms clearout needs to be shown the door

The human missile... the shoulder torpedo... I talked to former and current referees, players and medical staff about the dangerous practice of players clearing out without using their arms.