The Corrib Cops: Propriety and Piety

Son, you’ve the touch of a rapist

– Not uncommon dressing-down delivered by some soccer coaches in these islands when one of the young men in his charge has failed to control a football with the elegance required.

Over the past couple of days the Irish airwaves, newspapers and social networks have seen the condemnation of a group of gardai who, after having arrested two female Corrib gas protestors, joked about rape while in the garda car on the way to the station.… Read more...

A Tale of a Fantasy Baseball Draft, Irish Style

A typical April showery Sunday in Dublin saw a group of sports fans arrive at Slattery’s of Ringsend, slinking their way to the upstairs bar. Most had told their other halves that they were just dropping down to the pub to watch a match. No, you can’t come.… Read more...

How To Choose Your Own Baseball Team

Published over at The Score:

With Baseball’s Opening Day yesterday, it’s time to choose a team to follow this season. Sport is always more fun when you’ve a team to root for.

Of course, maybe you’ve a team already. Perhaps you were in Chicago on a J-1 visa for the summer, dragged along to Wrigley Field for some beer in the summer sun with the Cubs playing some baseball as a backdrop; you paid little interest but that Cubs hat is still at home in your bedroom.